Frequently Asked Questions - (F.A.Q.)

What is and Who is is a productions team that creates and sells high quality original rapbeats, hip hop beats, and r&b beats ( also known as instrumentals ) at an affordable price. also creates quality hip hop drum kits and samples for music producers to use in there projects. Please go to About

Why can't I log in?

1) If your account is paying illBeatz via your Bank or an Echeck instead of a Credit Card, it will takes a few business days to clear before you receive access because the funds are still pending. That is the slow way and it is just like a wire transfer. Check your account and see if the payment status is "PENDING" or "COMPLETE".
2) If you still can't log in make sure you have your cookies enabled.

Are these beats (non) exclusive?

Yes thats right, all beats at are non exclusive. Please check the Lease Terms

What are (non) exclusive beats?

Non Exclusive rights means - your LEASING the beat(s) from, and retains full ownership of the beat(s) and can sell to other parties. Please check the Lease Terms

How do I buy Exclusive beats?

Email Vincent Pishton ( Contact ) and make an offer for the beat you like or Vince can make you a custom beat. Please check the Lease Terms

How much are Exclusive beats?

they range from $150 to $500, Please check the Lease Terms

Are the beats royalty free?

Yes all beats at are royalty free.

What format do the beats come in?

All the instrumentals on illBeatz are high quality MP3 format | 320 k bits rate.

Can I use these beats on my album? Demo? Mix-tape? Website? -

Yes, you can use these beats how ever you like… all I ask is that you include beat(s) produced by Vincent Pishton from, that’s all!

Can I sell the song(s) I make with these beats?

yes you can, you just can't re-sell the beat as is.

Do I get exclusive rights to these beats/instrumentals?

Nobody gets exclusive rights (total ownership) of the beat(s), unless they you make an offer and it's accepted . Contact

How long are the beats?

Each beat is longer than three minutes and may be as long as four or five minutes.

Can I extended/shorten any of these beats?

Of course, you can customize the beats however you like.

What equipment do you use to make these beats?

PC workstaion, Sonic Foundry Acid + Sound Forge, Reason, FruityLoops, Drum Machines, Midi keyboards, VST Plug-Ins (virtual synthesizers, virtual instruments), Samples CD's, turntables with Scratch Live and a library of vinyl. Hip Hop Drum Sounds

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