Taking Care of Your Vinyl Record Collection

Taking Care of Your Vinyl Record Collection

Are you a music lover or a producer / Beatmaker that listens to music from vinyl? Well I play my vinyl for both music listening purposes and audio sampling. These are my personal methods of taking care of my vinyl collection. I’m not super anal like some people are out there, but I also don’t spend hundreds of dollars per record. There are many other professional ways of cleaning and storing your vinyl collection, but I’m only going to share how I personally take care of my vinyl collection. Continue reading

File Organization | Saving | Backup Local & Remote For Music Artists

Think of how much time you would save during a recording session if you had all your files and folders named appropriately and saved in their respected locations. Time is money.

Have you ever asked yourself, what if this hard drive that contains my 80% completed album crashes and dies right now? What are you going to do? Do you have a synced or a mirror image backup of the hard drive somewhere? I hope so. Continue reading

Top Free Music Software Recording Programs – DAW

Top Free Music Software Recording Applications – DAW


Every month I get dozens of questions from up and coming music artists about what music software I use and what my opinion is on music program X,Y and Z. I try my best to reply to all questions asked and when I do reply with my answers, quite a few people get back to me and say something along the lines of,

wow that program is a little more than what I can afford or willing to pay. Is there anything cheaper? Continue reading

Website Updates and Maintenance

Hello illBeatz.com fans and users.

Attention Website Users

I’m Vincent Pishton the website owner and beatmaker at illBeatz.com. I wanted to inform the public that i have begun updating and doing some routine maintenance work to the website.

You may experience temporary loading issues or pages not displaying correctly. That would be from me uploading the new web pages and css. Don’t worry, if a page is temporarily down, it will be back up with in a minute or two. Continue reading