NI Maschine Stand Alternative

By admin on Nov 08, 2013 in Tips - 6 Comments

NI Maschine Stand Alternative

Do you have the NI Maschine and don’t want to pay all that money for an official NI Stand? Well here is a an alternative.

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Labeling MIDI Cables For Studio Hardware

By admin on Jun 10, 2013 in Tips - 0 Comments

This is a labeling method i came up with to help me stay organized with all the midi cables I have connected to my music hardware in my studio. Read More »

Taking Care of Your Vinyl Record Collection

By admin on Apr 22, 2013 in Tips - 2 Comments

Taking Care of Your Vinyl Record Collection

Are you a music lover or a producer / Beatmaker that listens to music from vinyl? Well I play my vinyl for both music listening purposes and audio sampling. These are my personal methods of taking care of my vinyl collection. I’m not super anal like some people are out there, but I also don’t spend hundreds of dollars per record. There are many other professional ways of cleaning and storing your vinyl collection, but I’m only going to share how I personally take care of my vinyl collection. Read More »

File Organization | Saving | Backup Local & Remote For Music Artists

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Think of how much time you would save during a recording session if you had all your files and folders named appropriately and saved in their respected locations. Time is money.

Have you ever asked yourself, what if this hard drive that contains my 80% completed album crashes and dies right now? What are you going to do? Do you have a synced or a mirror image backup of the hard drive somewhere? I hope so. Read More »